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Valentine Sweetheart Chula

Custom made amiibo of Chula in her Valentine Gown. Will Chu Be My Valentine is what she wants to know but only if you bring her cookies.

If you are interested in having your very own Valentine Sweetheart Chula feel free to PM me or comment here. She is 49.99 plus shipping and all custom made with clay, rhinestones, roses and special paints and glitter. Along with this custom of Chula you will also receive a signed print of Chula herself and a special Valentine gift from her. I can have one made for you and get it to you by Valentines Day, I will ship her International too but the shipping can be a bit pricey depending where you live.

Princess Kirby
Princess Kirby.. My newest cosplay that I debuted at Metrocon, have more pics of this up soon and over at my facebook fanpage . <3 (and ya I kinda inhaled Pikachu and stole his powers.)…
Megacon Chu's
Thanks to Megacon 2016 for having me as a Special Guest this year hosting panels, events and photoshoots, had such an amazing time, you can check out my megacon adventure over at my fanpage…
Pikachu Cosplays PikaBug Display
For over 3 years now I have handrawn and painted all these to display around my car when I guest at conventions, each year I always add to it and at the end of this month an additional 10 will be added for PikaBug's display at Megacon
Feeding Itachi's Crow Dango
My newest Naruto cosplay, Izumi Uchiha, Itachi's supposive childhood girlfriend from the novels and the filler arc Itachi Shinden.

You can see the rest of this photoshoot over at my FB fanpage…
So I spent several hours creating these questions for my upcoming new game based on the hit show Family Feud, I want to present this during my Pokemon Party Panels at upcoming cons but I need your help to make this work, below I need you to copy and paste this along with your answers to each question so I can bring together all your answers to compile together for this in the order of popularity for the trainers to guess the top answers. Please email this back to me at the below addy, look forward to see what you guys answer. Please only 1 answer to each question below.

We asked a bunch of Pokemon Traniers these questions and these are the top answers:

If you were to wake up tomorrow as a Pokemon which one would you choose?

If you were to be part of a team which team would you choose to be on?

What Pokemon game was your favorite?

Which 1 Legendary Pokemon would you use on your team?

If you would date a Pokemon character who would you choose?

Which region would you choose to live in?

If Ash ever became a Pokemon master what would be the first thing he would do?

If you stole Chula's cookies what would she do to you?

Name a type of cookie?

Name an item a Pokemon Trainer might find a valuble part of a battle?

If you could own any Pokemon collectable in the world what would it be?

Name something you associate with Pokemon?

Name a Pokemon you wouldn't want to give mouth to mouth to?

Name something you would see in a Pokemon Center?

Name something you would bring to a Pokemon Contest?

Name something about Pikachu?

Name something a Gym Leader would have?

Name a pink Pokemon?

Name something you would bring on your Pokemon Journey?

Name a Pokemon that can Mega-Evolve

Name a Pokemon that should get a Mega Evolution?

Name a Heavy Pokemon?

Name a Pokemon that has stripes?

Name a Cat Pokemon?

Name a Pokemon that can learn the move Charm?

Name a hot Pokemon?

Name a Starter Pokemon?

Name a TM you would teach a Pokemon?

Name something Officer Jenny could arrest you for?

Which girl do you see Ash most with as a girlfriend?

Name a Pokemon that is very colorful?

Name a Pokemon that just looks wrong in a perverted way?

Name your favorite eevee evolution?

Name a kind of Pokeball?

Name a Pokemon Voice Actor?

Name a Pokemon that has wings?

Name something you associate Team Rocket with?

Name a gym leader that is hard to defeat?

Name something you would find in a Mystery Dungeon?

Name a city in Japan where there is a Pokemon Center Store?

If you could live in the Pokemon World what would you be?

Name a town in Pokemon?

Name a Pokemon Professor?

If you became a Pokemon what type would you be?

If you were to battle anyone in Pokemon who would it be?

Name a duel type Pokemon?

Name a useless Pokemon move?

How old were you when you got into Pokemon?

If you could have a Pokemon just as a pet who would you choose?

What other fandom would you like to see Pokemon crossed over with?


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United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Japanese Anime Soundtracks
Favourite photographer: Maboroshi
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Pikachu,Ash,Belle,Kiba,Akamaru,Itachi
Personal Quote: Gotta Catch Em' All


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PokemonHeroesBTS Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Filmographer
Hello :) Your pictures of the Pikachu's as different characters are amazing and your dresses are pretty. Keep on doing the good work ;)

-Pokémon Heroes Beyond the Stars( That's my deviant art name, My real name is Anna ;). )
kevintheman Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I hope you and your loved ones are safe in regards to Hurricane Matthew.
pikabellechu Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
I am thank you so much for caring. I live in central florida so all I got was a little rain and wind.
kevintheman Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm glad you're ok and you didn't get any bad parts of the storm!
ShinyUmbreon01 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I saw you in a world's record book before. o.o That's awesome! I love Pokemon and Pikachu too! ^.^
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